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Recycled & Eco Products

  1. Biosense Recycled Ballpen 18604

    Biosense Recycled Ballpen
    Eco friendly push-button ballpen. Barrel is made of recycled paper whilst the trim is made of...

    From£0.28 EACH

  2. Biostick Duo Recycled Ballpen 18607

    Biostick Duo Recycled Ballpen
    Eco friendly double-ended ballpen made from recycled paper and corn starch. Suitable for single...

    From£0.25 EACH

  3. Contour Digital Eco Ballpen 189244

    Contour Digital Eco Ballpen
    New for 2015! The Contour Digital Eco Ballpen offers a recycled plastic barrel with rubberised...

    From£0.36 EACH

  4. Fsc Carpenter Pencil 1047668

    Fsc Carpenter Pencil
    Traditional flat carpenter pencil made from FSC certified wood. Suitable for both multicolour...

    From£0.36 EACH

  5. Fsc Top Hat Push-button Ball Pen 95058087

    Fsc Top Hat Push-button Ball Pen
    FSC certified retractable wooden ballpen with chrome trim. Distinctive "top-hat" style shaped...

    Please Call

  6. Fsc Wooden Pencil 95058085

    Fsc Wooden Pencil
    FSC certified wooden pencil with silver ferrule and pink eraser. Extensive colour range. Suitable...

    From£0.15 EACH

  7. Fsc Woodstick Ball Pen 1047710

    Fsc Woodstick Ball Pen
    FSC certified wooden stick pen with breather hole. Suitable for single colour printing only. Black...

    From£0.58 EACH

  8. Jumbostick Ball Pen 95058088

    Jumbostick Ball Pen
    Jumbo wooden stickpen made from Sustained Wood. Suitable for single colour printing only. Blue ink...

    From£0.47 EACH

  9. Nature Twist-action Ball Pen 10438199

    Nature Twist-action Ball Pen
    Exquisite wooden ballpen with twist-action mechanism. Made from rosewood and with satin silver...

    From£2.17 EACH

  10. Recycled Paper Pen 1047695

    Recycled Paper Pen
    Capless round ballpen made from recycled paper. Black ink refill as standard. Suitable for single...

    From£0.15 EACH

  11. Recycled Paper Pencil 1047713

    Recycled Paper Pencil
    Pencil with white eraser and silver trim made from recycled paper with painted finish. Supplied...

    From£0.21 EACH

  12. Recycled Pencil Sharpener (brown) 60141647

    Recycled Pencil Sharpener (brown)
    Pencil sharpener made from recycled vending cups. Full colour printing available.

    From£0.30 EACH

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