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Golf Umbrellas

  1. 30"/75cm Bedford Classic Umbrella 31013902

    The Bedford Classic uses a silver frame and is an ideal bespoke/value choice as the panels are...

    £10.68 EACH

  2. 30"/75cm Bedford Sport Umbrella 31013901

    The Bedford uses a silver frame. The Bedford is an ideal bespoke/value choice as the panels are...

    £10.50 EACH

  3. 30"/75cm Promo Golf Umbrella 31013900

    The Promo Golf is a full sized golf umbrella at a budget price, ideal for promotional use. Minimum...

    £6.30 EACH

  4. 30"/75cm Seal® Fibre Storm Umbrella 31013903

    The Seal® Fibre Storm Umbrella is constructed using fibreglass to make it lightweight (only...

    £11.99 EACH

  5. 30"/75cm Seal® Storm Sport Golfer Umbrella 31013906

    The Seal® Storm Sport Golfer using a coloured frame is a great way to create a truly corporate...

    £12.78 EACH

  6. 30"/75cm Seal® Supervent Fibre Storm Umbrella 31013914

    Our Seal® Supervent Fibre Storm offers a superior meshed canopy. Carrying a double material...

    £14.35 EACH

  7. 30"/75cm Seal® Supervent Golfer Umbrella 31013913

    The Supervent is a stormproof vented umbrella. Minimum Quantity: 25pcs Opens by: Hand Opener...

    £14.70 EACH

  8. 30"/75cm Seal Stormsport Double Cover Golf Umbrella 31013909

    The Seal® Stormsport Double Cover.... Twice the print area. This umbrella can be printed...

    £15.14 EACH

  9. 60 inch, Auto Opening Vented Umbrella with a MOQ of just 6 217030

    60 inch Auto Opening Vented Umbrella with a MOQ of just 6
    Auto Opening Vented 60 inch Umbrella. Comes as standard, with 24 mm full colour resin dome to the...

    £23.94 EACH

  10. Automatic Golf Umbrella 31089758

    Automatic Golf Umbrella
    Professional quality golf umbrella with automatic, push button opening. Flexible, fibreglass,...

    £19.86 EACH

  11. Automatic Golf Umbrella 06306J

    Automatic Golf Umbrella
    Innovative fibreglass framed golf umbrella with automatic opening feature. 75cm Rib length. 14mm...

    £17.68 EACH

  12. Autovent Umbrella 00289766

    Autovent Umbrella
    Automatic ‘Tour Ready’ vented golf umbrella Stormproof fibreglass ribs and vented canopy for...

    £19.69 EACH

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