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  1. Calculator. 158584

    Calculator. 12-digit dual power and touch system. Includes AG10 battery. 105 x 160 x 10 mm

    Please Call

  2. Calculator. 158585

    Calculator. 10-digit. Includes LR44 battery. 58 x 115 x 10 mm

    Please Call

  3. Calculator. 137520

    Calculator. 8-digit dual power. Includes LR1130 battery. 91 x 145 x 7 mm

    Please Call

  4. Calculator. 218538

    Calculator. 8-digit dual power. Includes AG10 battery. 146 x 110 x 32 mm

    From£3.33 EACH

  5. Calculator 60181071


    From£0.71 EACH

  6. Calculator Clip 229255

    Calculator Clip
    Nine digit clip style calculator.

    From£1.49 EACH

  7. Calculator Myd 229266

    Calculator Myd
    Eight digit desk calculator with coloured trim .

    From£5.32 EACH

  8. Calculator Nebet 228074

    Calculator Nebet
    Desk calculator. Batteries included.

    From£2.83 EACH

  9. Calculator Result 229365

    Calculator Result
    Eight digit basic calculator.

    From£2.18 EACH

  10. Calculator Rollie 227219

    Calculator Rollie
    Eight digit flexible rubber calculator.

    From£3.06 EACH

  11. Calculator Water 229312

    Calculator Water
    Water powered calculator.

    From£5.51 EACH

  12. Clip Calculator Oster 227550

    Clip Calculator Oster
    Calculator clipboard.

    From£7.58 EACH