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  1. 8-digit calculator Budd 232609

    8-digit calculator Budd
    8-digit calculator Buddy in a DIN A4 format with dual power

    From£6.50 EACH

  2. 8-digit calculator Touc 232611

    8-digit calculator Touc
    8-digit calculator Touchy with rubber-coated orange buttons

    From£1.57 EACH

  3. 8-digit dual power supe 232602

    8-digit dual power supe
    Calculator Slim Elegance 8 digits in PU-pouch

    From£2.29 EACH

  4. 8-digit dual power supe 232601

    8-digit dual power supe
    Calculator Slim Elegance 8 digits credit card size in PU-pouch

    From£2.20 EACH

  5. Arc Calculator 248067

    Arc Calculator
    Dual powered desk calculator with adjustable screen.

    From£1.98 EACH

  6. Aristotle Calculator 58556

    Aristotle Calculator
    Plastic dual powered (battery and solar) silver 8 digit display desk calculator. Digit display...

    From£3.20 EACH

  7. Bendy Calculator 248066

    Bendy Calculator
    Highly flexible dual powered calculator. Available in a bright range of fun colours with high...

    From£2.84 EACH

  8. Black Solar Ruler Calculator - 12 inch 257631

    Black Solar Ruler Calculator - 12 inch
    8 LCD-Display with Soft-Touch-Buttons, 12inch, powered by 4 eco-friendly solar cells. Individually...

    From£2.81 EACH

  9. CA01 Calculator 257075

    CA01 Calculator
    Individually boxed solar powered calculator with full colour printed front face, soft touch buttons...

    From£5.57 EACH

  10. Calculator 60181067


    From£2.78 EACH

  11. Calculator Buddy 232608

    Calculator Buddy
    Calculator Buddy in a DIN A4 format 10 digits

    From£6.50 EACH

  12. Calculator / Card Dispenser 60181052

    Calculator / Card Dispenser
    Calculator / Card Dispenser

    From£0.72 EACH

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