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Bumper Stickers

  1. Bottle Air Freshener 193932

    Bottle Air Freshener
    Hangs from the rear view mirror Bespoke full colour label Individually polybagged Fragrance...

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  2. Bottle Opener Sunglasses 194104

    Bottle Opener Sunglasses
    Wayfarer style sunglasses with bottle opener function Great for the summer sun & winter skiing...

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  3. Car Kit 1 194088

    Car Kit 1
    Includes a de-icer, ice scraper and a chamois cloth The 150ml de icer is branded with a 4 colour...

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  4. Car Kit 2 194089

    Car Kit 2
    Includes a 150ml de-icer and a plain chamois cloth The de-icer is branded with a full colour label...

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  5. Car Kit 3 194092

    Car Kit 3
    Includes a plain stock chamois & a credit card sized ice scraper Full colour print label on the...

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  6. Car Kit 4 194093

    Car Kit 4
    Contains 25ml de-icer pump with a credit card size ice scraper Presented in a resealable silver...

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  7. De-icer (mini) 194101

    De-icer (mini)
    25ml De-icer compressed pump bottle spray Branded with a full colour digital label

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  8. Duster (Yellow) 194097

    Duster (Yellow)
    Material: cotton, over-locked Thickness: 1.00 ± 0.02mm 8 over-lock thread colours to choose from:...

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  9. Gel Drops Air fresheners 193924

    Gel Drops Air fresheners
    Hangs from rear view mirror or clips to auto air vent Individual cellophane sealed bag with...

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  10. Header Card Air Fresheners (Overseas) 193926

    Header Card Air Fresheners (Overseas)
    Paper air fresheners using high density cotton paper for maximum absorption with long lasting...

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  11. Large Vent Stick 193936

    Large Vent Stick
    Logo printed on a dome label - up to 4 colour process Slides gently into auto air vent Extra...

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  12. Liquid Air Freshener 193920

    Liquid Air Freshener
    Logo printed on a dome label - Up to 4 colour process. Visible edge indicator showing fragrance...

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