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Bath Sets

  1. 4-piece bath set with towel and toilet bag 115611

    4-piece bath set with towel and toilet bag
    Feel fresh anytime and anywhere with this RACING GREEN bath set for men with a fresh acerb scent,...

    £7.86 EACH

  2. 5pc bathing set in Leo design 159898

    5pc bathing set in Leo design
    The wellness set with vanilla flavour consists of a shower gel, body lotion, a brush with purnice...

    £7.00 EACH

  3. 5-piece bath set with coconut fragrance 115631

    5-piece bath set with coconut fragrance
    Coconut bath set with a gorgeous paradise smell, consisting of a body lotion, bath foam, shower gel...

    £3.87 EACH

  4. Bamboo Bath Set "damara" 169968

    Bamboo Bath Set
    Sourced of nature. Treat your customers with this exquisite bamboo and green tea bath set. This set...

    Please Call

  5. Bathing set Perth 179258

    Bathing set Perth
    Material: plasticInformation: shower gel (60ml), bath bomb (50g), sponge, Fragrance: frozen sugared...

    Please Call

  6. Bathing Set "salvador" 170010

    Bathing Set
    Happy! Inspire your customers with this joyful bathing set containing a body scrub (50g) body...

    Please Call

  7. Bathrobe 161602

    Bathrobe Kimono - 100% Cotton terry in sizes M/L, XL/XXL - white or navy. MOQ for white 100 pcs,...

    £11.99 EACH

  8. Bath Set "avion" 113438

    Bath Set
    Pure luxury! Spoil your customers with this elegant bath set consisting of a shower gel bath foam...

    Please Call

  9. Bath Set Dayma 241404

    Bath Set Dayma
    Three part travel bath set. Including 30ml lemon scented shower gel, 30ml lavender scented shampoo...

    £3.78 EACH

  10. Bath Set Nervan 241403

    Bath Set Nervan
    Four part travel bath set. Including 8ml lemon scented shower gel, 8ml lavender scented shampoo,...

    £2.36 EACH

  11. Bath Set Vanif 240033

    Bath Set Vanif
    Bath set with bubble bath, bath bomb and sponge.

    £2.33 EACH

  12. Brian Pen 10194009

    Brian Pen
    Qjbfqkjbfkqejbfkqjebfkwqelfjbqklejbf ;qknflqknfljke

    £4.71 EACH

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